Do You Create Drama Wherever You Go?

Drama-free women are discussed in today. They say it’s common for men’s online profiles to say they’re looking for someone ‘drama free’. There are people who thrive on daily drama, whether it’s work related, home life, kids, or ex-husbands. It’s fair enough that no-one would want to get involved with someone who’s stressed constantly.

Everyone has problems that crop up from time to time, and deal with them in different ways. Not letting negative situations affect every aspect of your life is the key to avoiding too much drama. Handle it in a sensible, calm manner and be mindful of how much you involve a new partner.

I know it’s not easy to remain unruffled by challenges you face. As you get closer to someone you’re dating it’s natural to share your concerns with him. Yet men are wired to want to fix things, especially if they care for a woman. So your drama signals to him he must fix it, even if you didn’t ask him to. If he feels he can’t fix it for you, he feels emasculated.

Everyone has a different perspective on what they call ‘drama’. To some it might be losing the house keys, and to others it might be more serious like the illness of a loved one. We can’t control every aspect of our lives, but we can learn to deal with it in a less reactive manner. This alone will reduce the amount of stress in our lives, and of our partners.

The older we get the more complicated live becomes, ex-partners, children and responsibilities all have a part to play. There’s nothing we can do about that. All we can do is deal with what life throws at us as best we can, and hope our partner is understanding and there for us.


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