Is Your Guy Addicted To Something Other Than You?

Relationship guru,, has heard a few stories this month, from women whose boyfriends addiction was revealed only when they went away together. The sad fact is that the guys weren’t addicted to their ladies, but to alcohol. The women expressed their concerns to their partners about how much they were drinking, but it fell on deaf ears.  The men had no aspirations to moderate their drinking habits.

Alcoholism is an illness, if not checked it can quickly spiral out of control. Nevertheless, with determination and support it is possible to stop. Sadly, if your partner won’t accept they have a problem there really is nothing you can do.

Her vacation with her partner turned out to be her doing everything by herself as he drank all day long. She expressed her disappointment and he said it was his vacation and he’d do what he wanted. Needless to say, they were not a couple when they returned home.

Most people don’t want their problems pointed out to them and in both instances here they don’t even acknowledge there is a problem.  The probability is, they are aware their drinking is getting out of control, but have no inclination to stop. Drink is more important to them than their partners. You can’t make someone stop being an addict; this is something they have to do themselves.

If you’re in love and realize your partner has a problem, there are lots of ways you can try and help, but be prepared for a rocky road ahead of you. However, if they don’t see themselves as an addict then the odds are you’ll be fighting a losing battle.


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