Younger Men With Older Women – What’s The Problem?

The voice of the tells of a friend who recently met a guy she could easily fall for. He’s everything she would want in a partner, handsome, successful, bighearted, and caring.  But she sees a problem; he is 20 years younger than her. He is mad about her and doesn’t care about the age difference.

She is thinking about the future, and considering how their physical needs will differ in 10 years time. She doesn’t want him to throw away his good years on someone who’s a lot older. She’s holding back to protect him, but also to protect her own heart from being broken.

I also tell her it’s completely alright to be in “fond” right now if she doesn’t feel she’s falling in love. Love is something that builds. However, if she doesn’t feel she can or will allow herself to fall in love with him, she should let him go. It’s not fair to him to string him along.

It is common to see older guys with younger women, and you can bet they don’t consider the future feelings of their younger partners. Yes, it could be heartache in 20 years time, but won’t that have been 20 years of fun and happiness? Nobody can ever know what the future will bring, even for those in relationships where there is no age gap.

Perhaps the question she should ask is why he wants to have a relationship with someone so much older? And are his reasons good enough  to bring them together, and help them stay together? Some guys just like mature women, and if that’s the case then the lucky ladies should smile and accept their love graciously.



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